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SSD5-HD-AHD-MDVR 5 Channel Hybrid AHD
Mobile DVR Professional Video Gateway

for Mobile Bait Car Applications
As seen on the hit series Bait Car

Main Features

• Supports 4 ch AHD +1 ch IPC (12V PoE)
• Modular design for easy maintenance Revolutionary anti-vibration technology for 360 degree installation
• Supports 2.5” 2TB hard disk, support SD card for mirror recording
• Dual streams for local recording and wireless transmission
• Internal U-blox GPS for location tracking
• 3G/4G for live view and management Internal Wi-Fi for auto


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Live Streaming: How it Works

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Mobile Video Systems live video streaming service is carefully designed to offer both security and accessibility, while managing coverage issues and unpredictable data rates typical of cellular networks.

1. Secure Cellular Connection is Established
"MVS-3g Interceptor" Cellular router establishes a secure, VPN connection over the cellular network between the SSD SERIES DVR'S and the video streaming server.

2. Low-res Video Stream is Transmitted
A low-res video stream, designed for remote viewing over cellular, is transmitted from the SSD DVR to the video streaming server and accessible in your web-based live viewing application all transmitted over a secure network.

3. Access Video and Audio in Real-time
Multiple users on any Internet-connect device can select the vehicle they want to access, the camera view they want to see, and the microphone they want to access for audio.

4. Ability to remotely shut the vehicle down or shut the fuel off.4.
MVS-3g Module provides the user the ability to throttle down the frames per second and resolution when viewing remotely in real-time saving band width and cost while the unit is recording in full 1080P.


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Special Features

• AHD 1.3 Mega Pixel Analog 1280 TVL
• Micro Pin Hole for Maximum concealment
• Perfect for Bait Car applications

Camera Color Micro AHD Pin Hole

Bait Car Set UP


RCA to Aviation
Interface Cable

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