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4G HD Body-Worn Camera

Worn body.gif

Product Description:

  • 12 hours long video recording: support 1080P high-definition video recording, and achieve a single battery life of up to 12 hours through performance optimization of the 8-core high-end processor.

  • Dual-mode GPS positioning: Real-time positioning, recording the latitude and longitude information in each frame of video or photo while recording or taking pictures, and automatically generate movement track records.

  • One-click image transmission: By long pressing the large image transmission button of the device, you can quickly start a one-click video transmission in an emergency.

  •  Intelligent operating system: Android 8.1 smart platform, open platform business development capabilities.

  •  Professional mobile law enforcement solutions: provide a complete solution based on mobile law enforcement

Automatic charge with Data Workstation:


  • Large high-definition capacitive touch screen, providing the ultimate user experience

  • Desktop clamshell design

  • 9/16 recorders concurrent data collection

  •  Storage capacity: 2T/4T, supports rapid expansion

  • Fast collection speed

  • Automatic collection, automatic deletion

  • Automatic charge for the body camera

MVS-BC02-204T :

  •  Windows7 64-bit operating system

  •  Concurrent data collection with 20 recorders

  • Storage capacity: 4T

  •  B/S architecture, support distributed upload

  • Automatic collection, automatic deletion by setting

  • Automatic charge for the body camera

  • Universal Fuma Wheel*4: move freely

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