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How to Prevent School Shootings ?

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

School shootings seem to be repeating itself more and more. Why is it becoming more prevalent? What can we do about it? Our hearts go out to the family members of those who were killed or badly hurt in these sorts of tragedies. Such grief can be unbearable and we constantly ask ourselves why such a decline in moral standards and people’s views of what is right and wrong. We ask ourselves what we could have done to prevent this? School officials are overwhelmed with thoughts of what they could have done differently or what systems could be implemented to avoid future tragedies from taking place.

                Right or wrong doesn’t matter anymore. What we see on Hollywood movies or video games are constantly nulling the conscience of young ones. It’s no longer is a matter of is this correct but a matter of can I get away with this? Even I must admit that when I’m driving on the freeway if the posted speed limit is 65, I will go 72 because I think I can get away with it. But if I see a police man or a video camera recording my speed I will slow down to exactly 65 because of fear I will be caught.

                The Fear of God no longer exist but only the fear of being caught. The former statement is shocking but therein lies the key to keeping our kids safe. How do we put the fear of being caught into the would-be perpetrators of such horrible crimes? The simple answer is Technology. In the times of the dinosaurs people still believed in God and it was enough for them to know that God is always watching. But in the days of technology cell phones and Digital eyes that are always watching. The thought that a Digital eye is always watching and immediately responding to would be criminal behavior is enough to strike fear into anyone that may be thinking about committing such crimes.

                The answer: We need to equip our school buses with digital eyes.

Quick response: In my former career before studying and becoming an expert in digital technology. I was a teacher in a high school. My biggest challenge was dealing with student behavioral problems. But I quickly learned that if I correct my students early on, they will be less likely to have more serious behavior problems in the future.

 This brings me to solution number 2 It is not enough to have digital eyes always watching but they must respond quickly to what they have seen before a bigger problem develops. They must be interactive. The good news is that interactive camera systems are being developed and are constantly adding to its ability to respond quickly to would be dangerous crimes. Cameras are now able to detect if a person has a gun or a knife and can immediately communicate with dispatch or officials that can speak over the bus intercom and tell the student that the police are on their way or send an alert to the Driver. The Bus can also be equipped with a hidden panic button that drivers can push if there is a problem. Then from the school offices they can shut the bus off or take other measures to remediate the problem. Such as sending the police to the exact location where the bus is by looking at the GPS signal from the bus.

                Some may wonder what if my kid’s School does not have the money for such systems or are unwilling to update Dinosaur systems that are currently on the bus. The answer: Equip your children with personal panic buttons that can dial 911 by just the push of a button. Then automatically send the GPS location to the police without the student having a need to speak and risk being detected by the criminal.

In summary if Fear of God is no longer being instilled in Children. The fear of Digital eyes will help prevent would be criminals from committing such horrifying crimes and thus are children will be kept safe.

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