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Your child in your visibility always

First In School Bus Tracking Solution

Digital Eye is an advanced best-in-class school bus tracking platform built with innovative and next-generation technologies that enables accurate and real-time visibility of a student’s school bus commute. It also serves a quintessential role in empowering school transport team with a smooth and smart hi-tech management system to control and access the whole school fleet with the toggle of a button.

Real time tracking
Dedicated App for parents
Instant notification and alerts
Smart card enabled
Comprehensive web interface
Secured Platform

Digital Eye serves as complete application for the school bus and student tracking with an advanced web interface for the school transport team and native mobile applications in both IOS and Android available for parents. It gives the school transport team an edge to design optimal routes, auto-generate trips and assign them to buses in the predefined time window. The transport team will get notified in case of any hold-up by buses and opens a communication channel with drivers and parents.

Enhance your school transport system to the next level by incorporating our newintegrated platform that provides impeccable real-time data of each school bus and student beyond the school boundary.


Your child in your visibility always

Digital Eye is a highly advanced software that help parents and school authorities in tracking child’s real time location, while in transit via the school bus.


Digital Eye is a suite of applications designed after rigorous and careful consultations with the industry experts for the sole purpose of ensuring convenience, safety and quality of daily commute of children to schools.


Digital Eye will obtain real-time data regarding the whereabouts of the children and let parents, teachers and other school transportation authorities know where exactly their children are and when they will arrive home or school.


Stay Informed


Know exactly where your child is, from the very moment he or she steps into the school bus. Your child’s attendance will be marked four times a day. The bus driver will record the attendance each time he or she enters and exits the bus, both in the morning and afternoon and assuredly, you will be notified.

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Optimized School Transport Management

No more anxious phone calls!! Parents can track their child’s transit in their mobiles and School can streamline workforce at transport desk. No more absentees due to Bus misses. Parents are informed of the ETA for pickup, drop off and current position of the bus so that they can plan pickup and drop of their children with accuracy. Compared to other applications in the market, Digital Eye is an advanced and feature-rich application built to address the needs and requirements of both school management and parents.


Best in Class Experience


The feature-rich Digital Eye Systems gives the transport team an edge to design optimal routes. Digital Eye auto generate trips and assign them to buses in the predefined time window. Transport team will get notified in case of any holdups by buses as Digital Eye lets the drivers to open up a communication channel with the transport team. Transport team can notify parents in case of emergencies and can broadcast announcements to drivers when required.


Timesaver with Precision

Digital Eye, once installed in your phone, gives you the real time position of your child’s exact location during transit. So you can now plan your schedules, knowing the estimated time of arrival. With Digital Eye there is no more waiting for your child at the bus stop. You can save your valuable time by getting accurate information of pickup and drop time of your child.

Stay in Touch


Digital Eye help parents to get all relevant information at the click of a button and also with automatic notifications when bus nearing the boarding point, when child gets picked, dropped or absent. Being location specific, Digital Eye will produce information such as next boarding point and details of each student to be picked up or dropped. This helps to achieve a ZERO error process, ensuring that no child misses out at his destination.



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