We believe it’s important to know the background and experience of your supplier and have confidence they will stand behind their products after the sale.

MVS is a technology leader in the mobile video market, providing innovative solutions to a wide range of customers and applications for over 2 decades.

MVS was chosen by AMR one of the U.S largest ambulance companies to outfit their Concept 3 vehicle that travels the US showing the latest in EMS technology.

We are and have been for the past 10 years the only supplier to CARE ambulance the world’s largest ambulance company.

MVS designed and implemented large-scale projects with Los Angeles Metrolink and New Jersey Light Rail.

MVS is the supplier to many law enforcement agencies utilizing bait cars and to the hit TV Series "Bait Car" www.baitcar.com.

MVS developed the Rapid Deployment Live View System currently in use by Homeland Security in areas where it is too dangerous to deploy human assets for surveillance.

Our products have provided law enforcement, public transit, light rail, school bus fleets, limo operators, taxis and fleet operators worldwide across every industry with a full complement of on-board surveillance systems.

We supply the public and private sectors with live view, live alert technology to enhance safety, reduce risk, improve productivity, and maximize profit.

MVS is a private label supplier to other companies in our industry.

Our expertise is rooted in the development of machine vision cameras for industrial operations, camera systems that were aboard Deep Ocean Technologies unmanned submersible sending back some of the first streaming video of the Bismarck.

Furnace cameras operating in some of the harshest environments cameras used in endoscopy and intraoral dental applications.

We developed high speed imaging cameras that are currently in use on automated assembly lines at Coors and Kirin beer, Coke and the Kraft Heinz companies.

Our understanding of video goes back over 2 decades.

MVS systems carry a 7-year warranty and are designed from the component level up to survive in high vibration applications found in many mobile applications.

We have systems deployed world-wide protecting clients assets against false claims, malicious damage by employee’s, protecting cargo from damage and, most importantly changing bad driving habits, ultimately saving lives.