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Smart Taxi Meter

Smart MDT with taxi dispatching function:

  • Video evidence to protect drivers and passengers

  • Dispatching system improving efficiency

  • Emergency support for accident

  • Advertising to help generating profits

  • Driver KPI evaluating

  • Cut down operating costs with higher efficiency


Industrial-level Tablet

Smart MDT could support to Integrate with various accessories :

  • Taxi roof light

  • OBD

  • Receipt printer

  • Push to talk

  • Camera

  • Panic botton

  • Advertising screen

MDT can apply in various application after integrated with accessories, thru the 3G/4G or wifi, the data and video can upload to the dispatch center.

All-in-one Design

The smart taxi meter have built-in 3G/LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, Blueetooh and G-force sensor, providing flexible connections for various applications in different verticals.


Taxi Meter

Smart MDT with Taxi Meter function, provides rich interface, including: alarm inputs and outputs, RS232, USB communications, which developers can use a great number of customizations connecting other 3rd party hardware or systems.


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