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Digital Eye Thermal Camera


Digital Eye Thermal Camera,which is capable of highly accurate body temperature measurement, to within ±37.4 °F ,The camera features a built-in AI algorithm for multi-person measurements up to 3m distances,enabling fast and non-contact access.Perfect for adjunct use inhospitals, sub-acute health settings, public areas (i.e. airports), and more.Also can be widely used in close-range scene monitoring, such as indoor fire prevention, warehouse fire prevention, charging pile temperature monitoring and other fields.


  • High sensitivity sensor with 256 x 192 thermal resolution;

  • NETD is less than 60 mk (@77° F, F#=1.0);

  • Temperature detetion rang:-59° F- 302° F; precision:min ± 37.4  °C;

  • Up to 15 palettes of adjustable color;

  • Support real-time display and overlay of human body temperature OSD;

  • 1/2.8” 2.0M CMOS Sensor;

  • High quality imaging with 1920X1080@30fps resolution;

  • Support for multi-person detection;

  • Support for capture  and save in pc of personnel in and out.

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