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Benefits of Installing Mobile Video Systems in Multifamily Buildings
In several ways, CCTV can aid in making families feel more secure 
in the apartment or condo building you own or manage. This leads 
to several benefits to the landlord, including the following:

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Our primary goal is to deter breaches of your perimeter by adding surveillance warning signs, cameras equipped with color illuminator; red and blue warning lights, custom voice activated warnings when the perimeter is breached.


For over 3 decades, Mobile Video Systems has Completed large-scale CCTV security projects such as Aquarium of The Pacific, Pelican Bay (California's Super Max Prison), Knott's Berry Farm: California, Donavan State Prison, Palace Station, The Mirage, and Treasure Island in Las Vegas, Wal-Mart, Targets to name a few known names.

Our expertise is rooted in the development of machine vision cameras for industrial operations, camera Systems that were aboard Deep Ocean Technologies1 unmanned submersible that sent back the first streaming video of the Bismarck & Titanic, furnace cameras operating in some of the harshest environments in the world.

MVS developed the Rapid Deployment Live View System currently in
use by Homeland Security for high risk surveillance where it is impractical or too dangerous to deploy human assets.

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About us


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