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Well-secured multifamily buildings can be a joy to live in and manage. But with many different types of people coming and going, security is definitely a challenge with any apartment, condominium or senior living facility.

How can you protect your investment as a landlord and help the families who rent or buy from you to feel more comfortable living in a multi-person structure or community?


Mobile Video Systems Advanced Solar Surveillance System  CCTV video surveillance is an excellent way to accomplish both goals. Deploying Mobile Video Systems for your building can both protect property and residents by reducing theft and vandalism.  Just the presence of video caméras can reduce criminal activity. If property crimes do occur, law enforcement officers are more likely to catch and prosecute the perpetrators when they hâve video 

Benefits of Installing Mobile Video Systems in Multifamily 

In several ways, CCTV can aid in making families feel more secure in the apartment or condo building you own or manage. This leads to several benefits to the landlord, including the following:

More consistency in occupancy rates. When security devices are installed in the building, it becomes more attractive to families and other désirable tenants. Deterring crime leads to families staying in their units for longer periods so there is less turnover, and you haave fewer expenses connected to finding new tenants and completing new rental applications.

Higher potential rents. The amenity of increased surveillance is one that many people will pay more for. Even in neighborhoods that have low crime rates, renters are willing to spend more per month to keep it that way. Potential renters recognize that video surveillance can reduce the likelihood of break-ins.

Asset protection. You want to make sure that others — especially those who are not tenants — are not vandalizing or damaging the common areas of your building. Even complexes with access control may get the occasional guest or unauthorized person on the premises.

Better community image. When people see that your building has security, it créâtes a positive connection. That might not translate to an immédiate rental, but it can make potential renters identify your facility as one that is more désirable. When the time cornes to find a new living situation, they'll think positively of your multifamily complex. As well, when you install additional security, other landlords may follow suit, leading to a better neighborhood 
with lower crime.

Video surveillance is quickly becoming a must for landlords who want to protect their tenants and their property. Mobile Video Systems is a cost-effective way to prevent costly repairs that must be made in the case of vandalism or theft. Both you and your residents benefit from a well-planned video security System in the 
common or public areas of the apartment building and grounds.

Why chose Advanced Solar Surveillance Systems: 


  1. Sony Starlight cameras utilize a super-sensitive sensor and high-grade lens to offer optimal night vision with high resolution.

  2. his allows for cleared detail at night for facial recognition, license plate viewing, and better capture of your surroundings and most importantly FULL COLOR AT NIGHT that is not possible using IR.

  3. Since most security cameras on the market simply depend on infrared light reflection to produce night images this means that the distance for viewing is based on the IR distance. Since starlight cameras make use of natural lighting they allow for further distances and better clarity since there is no dependency on simple infrared.

  4. Our solar powered system has the optional  capability to add a Vertical Wind Turbine producing an additional 400w of power

  5. Over 3 decades of experience in surveillance systems in both the public and private sectors

  6.  Our team installs systems in all 50 states.

  7. Our systems have the capability of detecting firearms and differentiating between handguns, rifles and knifes.

  8. Our system can geofence large areas creating a virtual fence that alerts when a human enters the area and provides an immediate warning via Email, Text or SMS with a short video clip.

We would welcome the opportunity at no charge to review your farm or ranch and engineer a custom solution to secure your property.)


For over 3 décades, Mobile Video Systems has Completed large-scale CCTV security projects such as Aquarium of The Pacifie, Pélican Bay (California's Super Max Prison), Knott's Berry Farm: California, Donavan State Prison, Palace Station, the Mirage, and Treasure Island in Las Vegas.

Our expertise is rooted in the development of machine vision caméras for industrial operations, caméra Systems that were aboard Deep Océan Technologies1 unmanned submersible that sent back the first streaming video of the Bismarck & Titanic, furnace caméras operating in some of the harshest environments in the world.

MVS developed the Rapid Deployment Live View System currently in
use by Homeland Security for high risk surveillance where it isimpractical or too dangerous to deploy human assets.

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